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关于我的大学生活英语作文(通用25篇)这个问题?本期小编就来详聊一下:我的大学生活英语作文(通用25篇)在日复一日的学习、工作或生活中,大家都写过作文,肯定对各类作文都很熟悉吧,作文是人们把记忆中所存储 ...





  我的大学生活英语作文 1

  When I first stepped into the gate of my college,I knew a new life was coming,and that must be the most wonderful days in my life.

  You may feel that college life is boring. We do not know how to deal with the plenty of spare time. But I think the college life will become wonderful as long as you make it meaningful.

  In my spare time, I could play basketball, football and so on. Doing sports is very interesting and good for my health. In fact, you can do anything which you are interested in .

  Studying in college is a brand new start of my life.I continue to study hard for the better scords. Libary is a good place for me to study in. To show my talents and skills and make more friends, I join in all kinds of activities.

  In a word, college life is wonderful!













  我的大学生活英语作文 2

  With time goes by, it becomes a bit hard for me to remember everything about myself at the first day of my college life. However, there was one thing for sure that I did feel quite excited and curious about my university. There is no doubt that students like me have struggled for a long time so that can be permitted to enter the university.

  Bringing with expectation, I got into Zhejiang Gongshang University. Generally speaking, its an interesting and fantastic place for us to study and live in. Every day a series of outgoing people get into my eyesight. Curious and out of politeness, Id talk to them heart to heart. Here I make friends with my new classmates from everywhere around China. Whats more, time and weather permitting, I will enjoy jogging or playing basketball with my classmates on the playground, tired but happy. When staying in dormitory, I choose to read news online and sometimes watch a film for relaxing. However, a good student can never leave his study behind. When it comes to study, hard problems never upset me, instead they arouse me. Rather than ignoring it, Id think carefully for a while and ask my classmates for help.

  To be honest, there are some things I don’t deal with properly. For instance, once I spent nearly a whole day playing computer games. Personally, we university students are already adults and its our obligation to develop ourselves in college by learning new professional skills. Not until we take a right attitude towards our study and life can we win a rich and colorful experience in college.


















  我的大学生活英语作文 3

  How time flies! It has been two years since I came to XXX College. In the two years, many things have happened. I also meet a lot of friends here.

  Two years is not too long for mans life. But the two years I lived on campus has changed me a lot. For example, from the day I was born to the day I went to school, I had never left home alone for a long time and do housework by myself. How to deal with my roommates and classmates? These questions were all difficult for me to work out at that time. Today I get on well with them and do everything in life calmly. But all these changes were not easy for me. Sometimes I feel lonely, angry and also homesick. But fortunately I meet a lot of good friends. They helped me spend these sad days. I find words cannot express my sincere thanks to them. When they need help, I will do everything I can to help those who helped me before.

  Ill have another two years in college,which I will treasure with my friends.

  Everything in college will be my great memory in my life for ever.

















  我的大学生活英语作文 4

  It was a hot summer season, although it is autumn, but do not feel the autumn chill. . I am full of longing for life on college students, set foot on the train to the land of dreams, and began learning a new career. However, this is the first time, a father with me, travel is no longer lonely fear, only a heart filled with longing!

  Different with high school, college students not binding, more slack, usually very little academic day, only just started coming, freshman management is also more stringent, to the earlier study up, despite how reluctant we do not, can still obediently toe the line, from not absent. In those days, now think about it, actually feel quite sweet, quite happy.

  Life is very monotonous, one of four quarters, because I was late, to coincide with school dormitory nervous, so on and live with sister school senior, and this for me, there is no inappropriate, just and classmates from the less, and not so often, I temper this relatively cool, fun loving though, is particularly practical, lack of vitality and passion college.







  我的大学生活英语作文 5

  Time spent at a university is a most worthwhile period in a young persons life. This is a time when a student begins to form his or her ideas about life in general. Attending classes and studying in the library keep a student busy and provide him or her with access to valuable information, adding to his or her knowledge base.

  Campus life can also be rich and colorful. Most universities offer a variety of extracurricular activities such as sports events, contests, and other social gatherings, enabling the students to experience relief fiom study and homework. Students often form lifelong friendships through the varied experiences of university life.

  During the time a student spends at university, he not only develops his intellectual ahilites,he also develops social skills as well as knowledge and wisdom necessary for choosing a future career. By learning how to balance intense study and recreation, a student will be well prepared for the challenges of future responsibilitie.









  我的大学生活英语作文 6

  However, my college life is totally different from the life in high school.

  I can arrange my time freely. I spend most of my time reading in the library, where I can open my eyes and broaden my mind.In my free time, I also join some clubs,where i can make a lot of friends of different majors. My teachers in college are so kind and knowledgeable that they not only teach us knowledge but also how to be a person and how to get on with others. In addition, there are more opportunities for me to improve myself.,when i was in high school, I had to study all the time and hardly had spare time to do what i wanted to.Besides, I had to focus on my textbooks and doing exercise again and again. Therefore, I had little time to read magazines and novels and watch TV. what was worse, I couldnt play with my friends a lot, which I couldnt stand the most. In a word, all i did in high shool should be considered for the College Entrance Examination.

  I believe college life is an important stage in my life. In college, i can learn how to learn by myself, how to get on with others, how to live provides me with a stage where i can show myself and be myself....














  我的大学生活英语作文 7

  Life in the university is not as satisfactory as what we had expected.

  First of all, we are tightly hound by continual classes, excessive homework and exams; some students plain that we are being “exam machines”. Secondly, the teaching method is boring; instead of lecturing, some teachers just “read” lessons. Finally, living conditions need to be improved; and food in the dining-hall is far from being attractive and tasteful.

  In spite of all these adversities we still enjoy our life in the university. During the four-year university study, we can not only acquire a lot of book learning, but also foster various abilities. All types of extracurricular activities such as sports meets, speech contests, different social gatherings and dancing parties provide opportunities to make friends; many of these friendships may last a long time.

  In short,we should value our life in the university. Four years is only a short period when pared with our whole lifetime. In the university we mature, and in the university we prepare ourselves for the real world. Although there are many things lacking, the four years in the university is a worthwhile period in our whole lifetime.












  我的大学生活英语作文 8

  My new college life is going to start, so I cannot help feeling excited. How many times I have dreamed my beautiful and meaningful university life!

  When my new life begins, I think the first thing I should do is to focus on my study. I will try my best to learn as many subjects as possible. Besides, I think I will take part in some school activities to improve my comprehensive ability, such as communication ability and so on. At the same time, I am supposed to join some student unions or clubs to make my life colorful.

  I know there are many differences between high schools and universities, so I will change my study habits. In high schools, it is the times of teachers forcing students to study, but in universities, we should arrange all the things by ourselves, so I will study by myself. I will make study plans such as time schedule or something like that by myself.

  Of course, I will practice myself to be more independent. Independence is a rather curtail ability for future development, so if there are any problems, I will do my best to solve it personally, and wont ask someone at first as before.

  This is what I arrange for my new life, and hope it will start soon. I am ready for it!














  我的大学生活英语作文 9

  After entering college,we found, to our surprise,that differences between high school life and college life are great.In high school,we always depended on our parents and teachers to solve all kinds of difficult problems.At college,however,we have to rely exclusively on ourselves.Whats more, we have to learn how to get along with our classmates and roommates.

  Four years at college is an important yet very short period of time in our life.So it is always expected that we adapt to this life as quickly as possible.But it is a pity that not everyone can do so immediately.Here are some suggestions.

  First,get familiar with the main buildings on the campus.Spend one or two hours by yourself or with your classmates to go around the campus so that you can know the location of such important places as the library,the dining room,the post office,the clinic and classrooms.Next,try to be independent.Learn to do such things as making sound decisions on how to spend your time,how to spend your money etc,and washing clothes on your own.

  Furthermore,form good study habits.Talk with your classmates and learn from their good habits.Finally, try to take part in all kinds of activities to get out of your solitude and get on well with your classmates.
















  我的大学生活英语作文 10

  There are obvious differences between high school life and college life. First,college students will live in the dormitory with classmates who e from various places, and who may have different living habits. Second,college teachers ,instead of explaning in detail how to solve every problem, might only tell different approaches to the problem, and leave students to study and solve problems independently. Finally, in college,there is more free time for students to spend on.

  However how should the college freshman adapt himself to these differeces. First of all, he should learn to be tolerant and consider more for others,which is necessary for group living. Moreover he should take active part in collective activities and make more munication with classmates and teachers. It will help he be smoothly integrated with your new environment. Besides,as to study,he should develop a good habit of self-teaching and learn to arrange study independently. Of course,it may take a freshman some while to bee accustomed to the study and life in college. However, we all have to accept constant challenges of new things in our life. To conclude,college students should try to adapt himself to college life as soon as possible, so as to take full advantages of their precious college time.













  我的大学生活英语作文 11

  High school is over, the door to university is open, and my dream is to enter university life. I am honored to become a college student in an art school. This is the first time I have started pursuing my ideals and interests at such a young age. I really enjoy my university life because it made my youth so exciting. Therefore, my university life is also rich and colorful, with various school and club activities. Not only have I learned a lot from it, but I have also made many friends, and I feel very happy.

  I thought that college life should be very leisurely, but unfortunately I found that college is busier than high school. Without the friends I miss and the campus I am familiar with, it doesnt mean that I can just muddle through. I can have the opportunity to showcase and exercise myself. Be your best self. Optimistically face college life. Do your best, regardless of the outcome.

  I spent two years of college life unconsciously, and these two years have really been full of ups and downs. Anyway, we are all growing up and maturing day by day, step by step towards our dreams.










  我的大学生活英语作文 12

  In September of this year, I entered Langfang Normal University and felt extremely excited. I am finally a college student! The first step towards entering the campus is to feel that I have grown up and the tasks on my shoulders have become heavier. I want to seize this opportunity, not waste my time, work hard, and become a fan of thousands of people.

  To be fair, college is very different from high school. High school life is a three point one. We have to work hard for college, and in college, we have to work hard for life. We feel that we have more time for ourselves, but the courses are more specialized and advanced, and the difficulty is also great. Effort is necessary. Dormitory students come from different places, and sometimes language needs to be recognized. Haha, thats no problem. After four years of familiarization, theres definitely no problem.

  I make the decision in my university, I am who I am, I am different in color. I am a Sagittarius and naturally love freedom. College has given me a lot of freedom, but I cannot let myself go. I strive to be a free and disciplined person, come on!






  我的大学生活英语作文 13

  Looking back, I have gained a lot from these four years of colorful learning. I am not only learning professional knowledge to improve my scientific and cultural literacy, but also striving to improve my ideological and moral qualities. I aim to become a versatile talent with comprehensive moral, intellectual, and physical development, adapting to the development requirements of the 21st century, and becoming a thoughtful, educated, and disciplined socialist builder and successor.

  When I first entered school, I knew very little about my professional knowledge. Through hard work and longing, I have made great progress in my professional courses. During my school years, through my own efforts, I obtained a Mandarin certificate and a Level 1 computer certificate. During this period, I also held various part-time jobs and conducted multiple social practices, which cultivated my sound outlook on life and correct political direction. Society is constantly changing and developing, and we need to look at problems from a development perspective. We still have many shortcomings and shortcomings, and we need to learn to learn, innovate, and adapt to new development requirements. Believe that I can make greater progress on my future life path through my own efforts!








  我的大学生活英语作文 14

  When I was in high school, I had to study and had almost no spare time to do what I wanted to do. In addition, I must focus on my textbooks and exercise time and time again. Therefore, I have very little time to read magazines and novels, and watch TV. Whats worse, I cant play with my friends, what I cant bear the most. In a word, what I did in high school should consider the college entrance examination.

  However, my college life was completely different from my high school life. I am free to arrange my time. I spent most of my time reading in the library, where I could open my eyes and expand my mind. In my free time, I also joined some clubs where I can make friends with many different majors. My teachers were so kind and knowledgeable in college. They not only taught us knowledge, but also how to become a person and get along with others. In addition, there are more opportunities for me to improve myself.

  I believe that college life is an important stage in my life. In college, I can learn how to learn, how to get along with others, and how to live independently. University has provided me with a stage where I can showcase myself and be myself.















  我的大学生活英语作文 15

  High school is over, the door to university is open, and my dream is to enter university life. I am honored to become a college student in an art school. This is the first time I have started pursuing my ideals and interests at such a young age. I really enjoy my university life because it made my youth so exciting. Therefore, my university life is also rich and colorful, with various school and club activities. Not only have I learned a lot from it, but I have also made many friends, and I feel very happy.

  I thought that college life should be very leisurely, but unfortunately I found that college is busier than high school. Without the friends I miss and the campus I am familiar with, it doesnt mean that I can just muddle through. I can have the opportunity to showcase and exercise myself. Be your best self. Optimistically face college life. Do your best, regardless of the outcome.

  I spent two years of college life unconsciously, and these two years have really been full of ups and downs. Anyway, we are all growing up and maturing day by day, step by step towards our dreams.










  我的大学生活英语作文 16

  University is a place that many high school seniors aspire to. In college life, every high school student dreams of experiencing it. At least thats how I was at that time. However, to be honest, college was just an imagined perfection for me at that time, but what exactly is it? I think I only have the necessary understanding of it at this moment.

  As soon as dawn broke, one could see someone on campus reading a foreign language in the shade of a tree. The focused appearance made pedestrians take their steps lightly, afraid of disturbing them. Find a seat, take out your textbook, and the day of college life begins.

  Gradually, there were more pedestrians on the road, breaking the tranquility of the campus. It was almost time for class, chatting with classmates about last nights ball game and walking towards the classroom. In class, I quickly immerse myself in the teachers wonderful lectures, my thoughts flying with the teacher, and the elderly professors face exuding a youthful radiance.

  The time after school in the afternoon is the most unforgettable, as it is a time that one can allocate. It is also a time for various activities such as going online, dating, gathering, etc. It is also a time for cheering from the sports hall, a group of students playing football on the football field, and a few little girls shouting to cheer.

  I spent two years of college life unconsciously, and these two years have really been full of ups and downs. No matter what, we are all growing up and maturing day by day, step by step towards our dreams.

  Finally, its worth mentioning that my college life was really exciting.













  我的大学生活英语作文 17

  After a year of hard work, my third year of high school has come to an end, and I have also been admitted to a medical school in another province with excellent grades, becoming a medical student. Since childhood, I have aspired to be a lifelong practitioner, and now I have realized a small wish of my own.

  When I first entered the university gate, my mood was very excited. Here, I will spend my five years of university life, everything is brand new, and the desire to become a good doctor is deeply rooted in my mind.

  Upon enrollment and completing the necessary procedures, I became a college student. My initial excitement gradually subsided, and the campus was very large. On the first day, I strolled around and found my presence in almost every place. Of course, what I really liked the most was the small lake at the school, which was like a fairyland and intoxicating.

  College life slowly entered the formal stage, but I found that college was not as beautiful as the senior three exam said. The roommates in my dorm gradually became the old fogey who played truant, and I also fell in this atmosphere. I learned to surf the Internet and play games, and my original desire slowly disappeared in my mind.

  Now, when I am once again by the small lake and reminisce about my aspirations, I deeply reflect on myself. Tomorrow, I will be a brand new myself.






  我的大学生活英语作文 18

  As seniors say, looking back at freshman year is a blank space, and the first semester of freshman year has passed in a daze. I was disappointed when I first arrived at university. It wasnt as beautiful as high school imagined, and it was more about loneliness and confusion. At first, my ambition was not to study medicine, so I always had a bit of rejection in my current major. I rushed to review a few days after the final exam, but it turned out that my intelligence was not enough and I failed two subjects. Yes, I should change my mindset.

  For the negative mentality of last semester, it should be corrected this semester. Make up for the missed classes, learn a little English every day, pass the English CET-4, and pass the CET-6 next semester. Seriously study the required courses well, elevate the GPA, and not be careless about ones professional courses, because one is a college student who wants to become a doctor. In my sophomore year, I took a computer level 2 exam and was interested in this area. I dont have much direction for the junior division yet, so I will wait for deeper learning to determine which aspect I am more interested in.

  At a young age, there are many hopes for the future. For college life, one should be more passionate, exercise more, bubble in the library, and engage in public welfare activities (especially those that help patients, cultivate communication skills between doctors and patients earlier, and understand the doctor-patient relationship).

  Its great not to miss the past, not afraid of the future, to live in the present.














  我的大学生活英语作文 19

  Finally graduating from high school, I came to college with excitement and excitement, and started my college life. However, college has mixed happiness and sorrow for me.

  College life makes me happy. Leaving the constraints of my family, there was no one to control me in college. I was able to work more freely, which made me feel happy because I used to be very strict in high school. If I wanted to go anywhere to play, I had to say hello first and obtain the consent of my parents. Now that I have left my original city and come to the provincial capital, I have gained a lot of freedom. Moreover, there are no teachers who strictly discipline and supervise us, and most rely on self-awareness.

  In addition, after going to college, I have more time at my disposal and can do more things I want to do. Life is no longer just about studying like before, and my time is fully arranged by the school and teachers. I also have more freedom in time management, which I really like.

  In addition, the library has become larger, with more and more various books for us to borrow and watch. I think its great because I am a person who loves reading. The campus environment of a university is also better than that of high school, at least a little more. The infrastructure is also relatively complete, but it is a bit outdated and not very attractive.

  College life also worries me. I am not sure how to handle interpersonal relationships correctly in college, and whether it is different from high school. I also do not know many rules about college, which still require me to slowly explore. I am unfamiliar with the environment here, and I do not know what is good or necessary. Without guidance, I may have to suffer many losses.

  Also, I feel homesick because I have never been so far from home before, and I do occasionally want to go home.











  我的大学生活英语作文 20

  Its incredible that after nine years of compulsory education and three years of intense high school experience, I am about to enter university life and start a new chapter that belongs to me. I am also looking forward to what college life will be like. I used to hear that university life was free and colorful, with many club activities to participate in and competitions to enhance my strength and accumulate more experience.

  I came to my university life with full anticipation and curiosity. From the moment I step onto campus, I will work hard for my next four years in college, moving towards my goals, becoming friends with more like-minded people, and making friends from all directions of my country.

  At the moment I opened the dormitory, I met my roommates from different places. We introduced each other to the delicious food, beautiful scenery, and things we liked in our hometown. We talked for a long time and seemed to have endless topics that could be discussed for three days and three nights without stopping. But the future is still long, lets take it slow.

  When I was in military training, I joined a school level organization with my good friends. The senior students in the department were very kind to us. When we asked them any questions, they patiently explained and taught us many truths. They taught us how to do better, allowing us to experience the warmth between the department and our classmates.

  During class, teachers are also very serious and responsible, and each teacher has a rich teaching experience and life history. They often share their daily life with us in class, which has made us more interested in knowledge. After class, we also care about our daily lives and can share anything with them, just like our parents care about us. As the old saying goes, "One day is a teacher and one lifetime is a father." In the process of teaching, we also deeply understand.

  College life gives us ample freedom, but there are also times when we get lost, find our own direction, live each day well, and live a fulfilling and fulfilling life.














  我的大学生活英语作文 21

  The university campus is the "ivory tower" in the minds of every student. During my high school years, I also had fantasies and longings about the university campus, imagining what it would be like for me to enter and what would happen on the campus. The university campus has become a sacred land in my heart.

  When I was fortunate enough to enter the threshold of a university campus, I found that it was not so much a sacred land as a melting pot. The university campus is integrated with the social circle from all over the world, with students from all over the world and diverse and diverse activities, forming a unique campus culture; The university campus integrates the innocence of the high school era, and also encompasses various forms and phenomena in the world. Whether it is common trivialities and mundane events in society or unique anecdotes and anecdotes from schools, they will often appear in front of you. The key lies in how you perceive and understand them. So, some people enter university campuses and become "divine eagle heroes", while others are "proud of the world with smiles", while others can only "act as heroes".

  After living on the university campus for a period of time, I found that this "ivory tower" has edges and corners, and if I dont pay attention, I may bump into it. In middle school, most of us used to ask teachers what to do; But on university campuses, teachers wont give you clear answers, you need to think and choose for yourself. For example, how do you choose to watch both the National English Speech Competition and the performance of a world-renowned symphony orchestra? For me, I would choose to listen to speeches because I believe observing speech competitions brings me more benefits. Of course, different people have different perspectives on problems, and different problems have different methods of handling them. In fact, learning how to think about problems and how to choose between dilemmas should also be considered as one of the university campus courses, and it is also a kind of exercise for oneself.

  My college campus life is about to pass, and I gradually understand that the university campus is actually a big stage, a stage that belongs to you. You are both the director and the protagonist there, and as long as you dare to try, all the spotlight will come to you. And what you need to do is work hard to play your protagonist well, no matter what happens, believe in yourself, thats right!
















  我的大学生活英语作文 22

  The day I dragged my suitcase into college, the sky was bright, just like my mood on that day. When I found my dormitory, I met my roommates in college, who were very kind and friendly companions.

  I have always had great aspirations for college life, and I am also determined to find a better self in my college life. Time passed quickly, but in the blink of an eye, college military training passed. After this military training, the students changed their appearance under the suns daily baptism, and when they walked together, they couldnt see anything. When they separated from the main army and walked on the street outside the campus, the passersby passing by us immediately highlighted our sunburnt appearance.

  My college life was very happy and fulfilling. There are not many courses in college, so I have plenty of time left for myself. I have used this time to cultivate many interests and hobbies for myself. In my university, I also made many friends. Everyone comes from all over the world, and everyone has their own strengths. When we gather together, we can always live a fulfilling and happy time.

  During my college life, I tried many interesting activities, such as rock climbing, skiing, hiking, and so on. Every time I participate in such an activity, I also make more different friends. Throughout college, I have known countless friends, which has filled my university with joyful memories.

  Time flies, but in a blink of an eye, my college life has come to an end. Facing graduation, my heart once again swelled with reluctance. My college life is very beautiful, with classmates who help each other and grow together. Each of us carries a dream in our hearts, which gives us the motivation to move forward. I dont want to part with my college life, I really hope time can stay and let me bid farewell to my college life. But please believe that after saying goodbye to my college life, I will greet my future with a smile.



















  我的大学生活英语作文 23

  I remember 9 months ago, I was in a hurry to prepare for the college exam. At that time, I was worried that I wouldnt be able to get into my favorite university. But finally, I realized my dream. Now I am studying Chinese at my favorite university, Hanoi University.

  After going to college, my life hasnt changed much. Its because the place where I live and study is in Hanoi, so I dont have to leave my family or rent a house. My home is not far from the university, it only takes 15 minutes by bike to get there. But to be honest, I prefer living away from home because that way I can live on my own and feel homesick.

  After attending school, everything here is very novel to me. I am studying in a brand new environment, making many new friends, learning a lot of new knowledge, and so on. At first, I felt a bit nervous. But now I have gradually adapted. Our classmates in our class are very united and often help each other with their studies. We all participate in any collective activities. When I first started school, I didnt feel too nervous about studying, but now I need to learn more and more knowledge. People know that Chinese characters are complex and difficult to remember, so I study hard every day and ask my teacher if there are any questions I dont understand. I think studying in college is different from studying in high school because in high school, we students often learn passively, but in college, we mainly self-study. No teacher reminds you to study. If you dont study, you will fall behind.

  After entering university, the most impressive thing for me was the library. My university library is large and beautiful. There are all kinds of books here, and its also very quiet. So every day after class, I go there to study and read. My university also has a large sports stadium. Every afternoon, I go there with my friends to exercise. For example, playing basketball, spreading, and so on, it feels very relaxed.

  During my college years, I only had half a day of class time, so I used the remaining time to work and earn money to gain experience. During college, besides studying, we can also participate in club activities, which is very beneficial for us to help others because we are all passionate young people.

  Studying in university not only involves learning knowledge, but I can also learn experience. I hope four years of studying in university can help me grow up even more.









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