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大学英语作文之我理想的工作my ideal job[范文模版]

日期:2022-10-21| 编辑: 花都老李 | 阅读: 190 |原作者: 叶靖宇|来自: 花都知识网

今天给大家介绍的是大学英语作文之我理想的工作myidealjob?,关于大学英语作文之我理想的工作myidealjob的详细内容,请往下看:第一篇:大学英语作文之我理想的工作myidealjobMyIdealJobAscolleges ...

  今天给大家介绍的是大学英语作文之我理想的工作my ideal job[范文模版]?,关于大学英语作文之我理想的工作my ideal job[范文模版]的详细内容,请往下看:

第一篇:大学英语作文之我理想的工作my ideal job[范文模版]

  My Ideal Job As college students, we will step into the society, and now we need to prepare for our future and arrange for our future career life, we need to take into consideration what to do in the future.my ideal job is to be a teacher.This three reasons support my idea.First, I think to be a teacher is very interesting for me.I like to play with children and stay with them because of their innocence and purity, what's more, children's enthusiasm affect me and make me happy.Since I was young, I always played as a teacher,and taught my little sister their lessons.If I can be a teacher, I can stay with them all days and realize my dream.Therefore, to be a teacher is my personal favourite job.Second, I admire this job.To be a teacher is a holy job.Teachers spend their whole life on spreading their knowledge and morality to students.Teachers waste their youth to make contribution to our nation.Teachers cultivate some great person who make beneficial to the society.For example, Confucius was a great teacher in our country, and his achievement is so great that no one can surpass him.Third, I think to be a teacher depends on my character.I am outgoing and I have a strong responsibility.I like to communicate with others about books or something else.I used to tutor my classmates about our book theory, and I used to find some part—time jobs like tutor.my students said that I was a responsible teacher.In conclusion, to be a teacher is my dream and I will try my best to make it come true.


  以“我的理想工作”, 写一篇英语作文

  Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic “My Ideal Job”.You should write no less than 100 words.(我的理想工作)

  参考答案:在建筑行业工作了几年, 我最理想的工作就是当一名出S的造价工程师, 但想成为一个出S的造价工程师可不是一件容易的事情, 首先我必须熟悉相关预算定额、估价表、收费标准、熟悉全套施工图纸;施工中我才能参与施工图会审, 指出相关的问题及意见, 对整个工程造价进行合理确定和有效控制, 通过合理确定和有效控制工程造价达到不断提高建设工程造价管理水平, 其次, 通过造价工程师在执业中提供的工程造价成果文件, 达到维护国家和社会公共利益, The work in the construction industry for several years, my ideal job is to be a great engineer, but want to become an excellent engineer is not an easy thing, first of all I must be familiar with the relevant budget quota,valuation table, standard fees, with a full set of construction drawings;joint examination of construction drawing me in order to participate in theconstruction, points out the problems and suggestions related to theproject cost, rationally determine and effectively control, through reasonable and effective control of project cost to continuously enhance the level of construction cost management, secondly, the engineering cost documents provided by the cost engineer in practice, to safeguard the national and social public interests,


  Everybody has own ideal, my ideal is works as an honorable people's teacher.Teaches the students to study the cultural knowledge, is playing together with them, the life, lets their healthy development.I will use the knowledge rain and dew to moisten child's heart, with the warm compassion cared about that will cherish the children.人人都有自己的理想, 我的理想是当一名光荣的人民教师。

  教学生们学习文化知识, 和他们在一起游戏、生活, 让他们健康成长。

  我会用知识雨露滋润着孩子的心田, 用温暖的爱心去关心、爱护孩子们。


  I have a dream about my career.I want to be a teacher, because I think teacher is a good job.Generally speaking, teachers have much knowledge.They can help students to enrich their knowledge.Besides, teachers can communicate with students all the time.It helps teachers keep young at heart.Finally, teachers have two long holidays a year.In the free time, I can do many things I like.And I have time to travel.It makes me exciting.I must work hard to realize my dream.我有一个职业梦想。

  我想成为一名老师, 因为我觉得教师是一份好工作。

  一般来说, 老师懂得很多知识。


  此外, 老师可以随时可以与学生沟通, 这有助于老师保持年轻的心态。

  最后, 老师一年有两个长假。

  在空闲时间, 我还可以做很多我喜欢的事。

  而且我也有时间去旅游, 这使我感到兴奋。




  例1Directions:You are preparing for a field report,please write it in about 100words with such items as following:

  ①the current situation of the equipments

  ②your reason and suggestionTo:Mr.Zhao Minghua,president of Beijing University

  From:Mr.Li HongJun,Dean of Studies.Subject:Buying computers and videotape recorders.Dear Mr.President:Upon the request of the Equipment Division of the university,we have inspected the laboratory of the Physical Department and found its present equipments unsatisfactory to student, particularly to post graduates.Because there are fourty computers in our laboratory,but there are almost ten times the students and 25 percent are postgraduates.The laboratory material is so shortage that the situation have to be improved at once.In order to enhance the effect of experiments,it is hereby recommended that twenty computers and ten videotape recorders be bought and issued to the laboratory.Li HongJun

  *.这是一份实地考察报告, 要求将所看到的状况实事求是的反映出来。

  upon the request 表示在……的要求下, 以request表示要求一般比较正式。

  postgraduates即研究生例2Direction:Take a report by the academic department of an association.Follows should be pay attention to:

  1)the immediate schemes

  2)detailed information such as dates,related persons and numbers

  WORK-IN-PROGRESS REPORT FOR THE MONTH OF MARCH,2002From:Anny lee, Head ,Academic Department

  To:Mr Ng sik-hung,Chairman Shang Hai Evergreen Association


  Date:2 April 2002Ⅰ.Shang Hai Secondary School1.The number of students for the month is:Form 1:329,Form 2:300,Form 3:500,Form 4:238,Form 5:2342.The

  week starting from 17 March 2002 was scheduled as a “week”.3.Mental consult was scheduled to be March offered 2002 in the School Hospital within the period 29 to 1 May 2002.The persons in charge of the program would be staff of the Mental Health Society.Ⅱ.Academic exchange1.As one of the initiators,the Association has agreed to host the seminar“The fostering of talented personnel in Mainland China”,to be held on 3 May 2002 in Shang Hai.2.The Chairman has agreed to give a talk on behalf of the Association in a seminar on the exchange of talented personnel within South East Asia,which is scheduled to be held on 1 July 1997 in Tokyo.[signature]*.这是一份工作报告, 这类报告应注意言之有序, 无论是说一件事的始未, 或多项事的情况, 都必须有条不紊, 思路清晰,并且言之有据, 引用的数据要准确, 事实的真相要客观地陈述。

  例3Directions:A ship accident took place in Chang Jiang.Please unite a research report to tell:

  1)the cause of the accident

  2)the results

  3)the response of authorityTo Li Ming

  From Liu Hua

  Subject:Ship Accident off West Coast of Chang Jiang,No Casualties.Date:April.9,1999Yesterday evening two boats collided in thick fog in Chang Jiang not far from Wu Han.One was a cargo ship carrying lumber,apparently on its way to Chang Jiang.The other was a National ferry on its regular run from Jiu Jiang to Wu Han.However,because of the weather conditions,the captains did not realize the danger until a few seconds before the collision took place.Consequently,there was no time for them to prevent the accident.Fortunately,there were no casualties among the crews or passengers,but both ships suffered badly damages.A spokesman for the port authorities said that a committee would be set up to determine the cause of the collision.*这是一份非正式报告, 有几点必须注意:开头就交待清楚写报告书的

  以上就是关于“大学英语作文之我理想的工作my ideal job[范文模版]”的详细内容解说。



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